Friday, August 6, 2010

Enable GPRS with Vodafone INDIA in Motorolo Milestone Android device.

Don't ever try to get help from the Vodafone Customer care. I searched google to get the following working settings. I use vodafone internet as they provide 2GB limited internet access for 95 RS which is quite affordable.

1. Ensure that VMC is activated.

make sure  that vmc is activated send a sms ACT VMC to 144

2. Configure the following settings..

This is where u find the settings in milestone:
Settings->Wireless  & networks->Mobile networks->Access point names

 Here are the settings:

Add new APN.

Homepage: Any ****.

Connection Name: Any ****
Access Point Name: www
User Name:Leave it.

Password: Leave it.
Authentication: none.
Proxy: None

Port Number: 0

Leave rest of the settings as they are - in default state. n enjoy.

I guess no more calls to vodafone cc. -