Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Reliance and Huawei e173 3G datacard on Ubuntu

 Recently I migrated to Reliance 3G services. The installation disk did not come with any applet for linux systems. Hence I had a little trouble connecting it to the internet using default network manager. You can use rcomnet APN.

 I thought of getting a applet like the one they have for windows and mac. After some searching I came across a blog post which covered it.

    Download the following installation file ( DOWNLOAD LINK )


cd linux

chmod +x install


Once it is done then it will install the drivers required for the device to be operational and also installs a applet for movistar mobile network which is widely used in europe.

 The applet will automatically pop-up when you insert the datacard. Click connect. Change the language to english from the menu and you should be able to use a english interface.