Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Restore a Old Backup HELM database file and configure Helm

Sometimes there may be a situation in which all the data is lost and you have a backup of old helm database. In my case the backup file is c:\Backup\cmhelm_db.bak

1. Install the new Helm in the server

2. Restore the Helm database
a . Better to use a new database

osql -E -S .\Helm

1> create database cmhelm
2> go
The CREATE DATABASE process is allocating 0.63 MB on disk 'cmhelm'.
The CREATE DATABASE process is allocating 0.49 MB on disk 'cmhelm_log'.

b. Restore the backup to new database
1> RESTORE DATABASE cmhelm FROM DISK='c:\Backup\cmhelm_db.bak' with move 'cmhelm
' to 'C:\Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server\MSSQL$HELM\Data\cmhelm.MDF',move 'cm
helm_log' to 'C:\Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server\MSSQL$HELM\Data\cmhelm_log.L
2> go
Processed 2552 pages for database 'cmhelm', file 'cmhelm' on file 1.
Processed 1 pages for database 'cmhelm', file 'cmhelm_log' on file 1.
RESTORE DATABASE successfully processed 2553 pages in 0.107 seconds (195.397


Now all the backup database contents are restored in the new database

3. Configure Helm to use new database by changing the database name to 'cmhelm' in helm-config-tool

That is it and you can get all the old helm data in control panel.

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