Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Remove or Disable svn authentication data

When you issue a svn co statement the authentication gets cached in the home directory of the user.

svn co
Authentication realm: Subversion Repository
Username: test
Password for 'test':

The authentication information gets stored in a cache /root/.subversion/auth/svn.simple directory.

o remove cached data go to “.subversion/auth/svn.simple” folder and delete the particular file.
There will be key (K)-value (V) pairs. “username” and “svn:realmstring” together can identify the user.
So use for example:

grep servername ./*

to find the right file.

Disable caching by opening “config” file in “.subversion” folder and setting the values of “store-passwords” and “store-auth-creds” to “no” or use --no-auth-cache as command line argument.


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