Thursday, July 28, 2011

Using CCRB to manage multiple environments with same code base

Usually the code should be tested in a development environment before pushing the code to production. Automating test process is an important process in deployment. CCRB is a great tool to do this.

The code base is written in such a way that it can be deployed to development or production based on environment variables passed using the capistrano deployment script.

The development deployment initiates a CCRB build and testing process in the development cruisecontrol project which has the same code base. During this process the CCRB should be capable of invoking a development environment variable.

In comman setups we have the environmental variable 'development' and 'production' to differentiate the between production and development.

We add the following entries to cruise_config.rb to pass the 'development' environmental variables to the ccrb build.
ENV['env'] = 'development'

You can create a file named build_requested in project rootdir to initiate a build process.

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